Imagen de Kaoru

Fátima (that's her real name) was born in Madrid (Spain).

She has taken part of some comic contests in Spain: Medea Wants You III, in 2007, where she was finalist with her comic Oriön; I Concurso CAM de Creadores de Cómic Creacómic, in 2008, where she obtained a consolation prize on culture category with Arisu in ArtLand; II Salón del Manganime y la Cultura Japonesa of Madrid, in 2009, where she was the winner of the poster contest. Also in 2009, her short comic Samurais del siglo XXI won the II Concurso de Cómic Myaku. Also in 2009 she made a parody of The Lord of the Rings called The Lord of the Ruín, for SupeinGO! fanzine.

Her first profesional comic, Joker, was published by Ediciones Babylon in 2010. In 2011 her newest comic, Hell’s Heaven, was published by Nowevolution.

Although she has studied arts and manga, she has been drawing all her life long.

Curious facts about her: she says silly things quite often, and usually draws an angry cat called Selfendor who is always making fun of her. Will she tell us its story someday?

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