Imagen de Nessa

Nessa Ninona is a catalan illustrator and comic artist who lives nowadays, although she'd love living some centuries ago.

She has been drawing all her life long. When she was five, she already made comics with her sister, about Egyptian pharaohs and also Captain Harlock fanarts. Also some ones of Dragon Ball when she was only ten.

After some time without drawing because she was writing, she took back the pencil when she was eighteen and created her beloved comic Badirfilay, which has been changing and growing up within her author and her sister's support.

She has studied Fine Arts in her city and in Barcelna, at l'Escola Massana. At the present moment, she has millions of ideas and projects, but just a few time. Her head is about to explode, like a steampunk machine.

Ediciones Babylon published her comic La pequeña muerte, a short and interesting story about death and human obsesions.

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