He got a Degree in Fine Arts and a Master in Digital Arts and is currently working as a freelance artist combining his graphic Works with music and sound ones.

His areas of expertise are the following:

- Conceptual art: development of characters, sceneries and vehicles. From a cartoon style to a realist one.

- Illustration with a more elaborate ending, that can reach the hyperrealism.

- Matte painting: development of backgrounds.

- Digital picture retouching.

- Texturizer: creation of textures for 3D models.

- Storyboards: making of storyboards for films and games.

- Music composition: soundtracks, loops and music tracks.

- Instrument player: Intermediate-advanced level of guitar (electric and acoustic) and bass.

- Sound design: making of sounds under request for production and post-production in films and videogames.


(2009) Exotique 4, Picture selected for this worldwide collection of digital art (link).

(2010) CGArena, release of the tutorial of the picture 'Cadenus and Vanessa' and the selection of that picture for the cover of the number 5 (Februrary-March 2010) (link).

Online release of a tutorial of the picture 'Jake Sully's Avatar (link).

Online release of a tutorial of the picture 'Cadenus and Vanessa' (link).

(2010) Photoshop project #3 (Australian magazine), release of the tutorial 'Jake Sully's Avatar' in this Australian magazine related with the digital art.

(2011) Midnight I, by Viki Tapada, Ed Dibbuks. 5 illustrations for one of the short stories in the book.

Next releases:

(July 2012) TAG Terrorist Attack Game, C&C International. 105 illustrations for the cards game plus 14 music tracks that will also go with the game.

(May 2012) Nightmare. Dark Gods. , Norma Editorial. Written by Cristina Puig. My work for this project are the 40 illustrations that accompany the text and a music CD with 10 tracks.

Interesting related links:

web: www.rafater.com

blog: rafaelteruelcaceres.blogspot.com

deviant: http://rafater.deviantart.com/

Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rafater/121989681169327