Babylon Editions commitment to electronic publications


Babylon Editions bet fervently for the ebook as reading format. Far from conceiving it as a complement to traditional paper is considered a powerful means of communication and dissemination. Therefore, it offers electronic books s optimized for both iPad and for eReaders (ePub) as well as the standard PDF and Mobi (optimized for Kindle), all without DRM protection, since, in our opinion, the best way to reach readers is through electronic book s quality, easy to use and low cost, without additional disabilities.

However, this policy does not make sense if the buyer does not get involved in a reciprocal way. The indiscriminate hacking s electronic book can benefit the user initially the download, since you get a product for free, but the editorial, the team behind the ebook in question, has done work reflected in the minimum possible in its price. If not supported the bid regulations acquiring the publishing electronic books, the Publisher will launch new titles were unviable. Therefore, the most harmed by piracy s electronic book, is the reader.

In Babylon Publishing bet for you. If you also bet for us, rest assured that we will continue striving to bring you new and improved electronic s books stand firm in our policy of prices and unencrypted files.

Thank you for your trust and support.

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