MO CARÓ (Barcelona)

Mo Caró was born among the best artists of the genre in the 70s, who provided them the deepest knowledge.

He is a digital cover illustrator who puts his own style in his works and a great amount of strength, with an impressive stroke with a taste from the 80s.

After 20 years of experience, he is considered a new value in the world of art, but it was only a few years ago when he took the decision of signing his works and that way revealing himself to the world. He has worked for big companies and brands which hampered him to experiment and spread his real work.

He grew up with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and admired James Bond 007, but without forgetting his actor of great adventures riding a horse, Clint Eastwood, his idol in cinema. For all this there is just one person to blame: his grandfather, a great cinema lover, who taught him so much and went with him to the double cinema sessions, his Randolph Scott.

As an illustrator and cinema poster designer as his profession, he has done so well-known posters as the ones for Warehouse 13, NCIS Los Angeles, SALT, Protocolo fantasma, Falling Skies, Rambo and The Walking Dead, among many others.

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