Marked by his early tendency to drawing, he chose to study Illustration in the School of Art and Design in Alcoy (EASD 2002-2005) and graphic design in the school of art and design in Valencia (EASD 2006-2009). To finish his academic period he went to Brussels, to the St Lukas School of Art (SL 2010), where he started to stablish the foundations of his current style.

Dulk, considered by many people as one of the greatest exponents of pop surrealism and urban art in the last decade, is a multidisciplinary artist with many facets: pencil drawing, paintings with several sizes, sculpture or urban murals. This versatility has led him to work in so different environments like fashion illustration or graphic development for cartoon films.

His plastic works are shown in prestige international galleries and in turn, his murals are scattered in cities worldwide.

He won the short story contest Brussels in Shorts along with his brother Carlos Segura (writer) with the work ZOMERAVONDEN. That work, and also his participation as an illustrator in the documentary Un dia vi 10.000 elefantes (Barcelona, 2014) are some of his most relevant awarded projects.

His book The Dulk has meant a new step in his artistic career. This artbook, which collects many works by this Valencian author, has had a great reception among his public, selling out the pre-order copies in just a few hours.

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