Javier Lacomba Tamarit

Javier Lacomba Tamarit is a lawyer who is specialised in copyright and intellectual property, as a mediator and CEO of the SMB Glaspol Composites S.L., a reseller of chemical products. He is also a cinema critic in the website ElMulticine.com, lecturer and instructor in workshops about copyright, and a certified Zumba® instructor.

As a writer he has published short stories in the magazine Calabazas en el trastero, edited by Saco de Huesos publisher, and in several books of Generación Bibliocafé, a literary project led by Mauro Guillén and born in the bookshop Bibliocafé, owned by José Luis Rodríguez Nuñez. He has also published his short story El Altar de Nieve in Editorial Evohé in the anthology Niebla y Sangre; La Aventura de la aldea lluviosa, published by Pulpture Ediciones as the n. 25 of their collection Historias Cortas de Intensa Ficción in the special issue about Sherlock Holmes; La verdad prevalece, published by Editorial Vinatea in the anthology Treinta hombres fascinantes en la historia de Valencia, and La última diosa, included in the anthology De amor y Guerra, published by Ediciones Babylon.

El cuarto disparo is his first long novel.