Laura Sánchez Becerra feels passion for illustration, drawing and reading fantasy, science-fiction and horror stories. She started her artistic learning when she was fourteen doing her first comics and got a degree in Fine Arts in 2004, and afterwards she oriented her professional career towards publicity and the world of design.

At the same time, just before finishing her studies, she decided to complete her artistic proposal through writing, starting with fantastic narrative with some stories and short stories, of which El caniche was shown in the XI Muestra de Creación Joven de Sevilla in 2006.

She is the author of the novels El Imperio Plateado (Bicho ediciones), the first part of a fantasy and science-fiction saga with the name La luz de Léoen, El juego de Claudia (Ediciones Babylon) and El letargo del pájaro de fuego (Kelonia Editorial).

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