MIGUEL ÁNGEL CABO (Asturias, 1992)

Miguel Ángel Cabo became interested about everything related to art and literature since very early age. He started to write soon after starting to read, and because of his brother (or thanks to him), he started to draw in with very young age. Music arrived later and he didn’t play any instrument until he was seventeen years old.

His first incursion in literature was, as in many other cases, with novels for children and teenagers. Mainly, his first readings came from Julius Verne, despite the things that marked him the most were the ones that read from the age of 16. Despite their influence on his writings is quite low, he is a great admirer of the beat generation of the 50s and, above all, Hermann Hesse.
In a more philosophical scope, the main characters he addresses his way of thinking are Nietzsche and Buda.

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