RAFATER (Girona)

Having a degree in Fine Arts and master in Digital Arts, he currently works as a freelance artist combining his graphic works with his sound and music creations.

He has participated with his illustrations in several publishings like Midnight (Dibbuks, 2011), by Viki Tapada, or Nightmare Dark Gods (Norma Editorial, 2014), by Cristina Puig, and for this one, apart from being in charge of the graphic part, he also composed a CD with 10 tracks.

He is the author of many illustrations, some of them collected in the artbook EROS. The Sexiest Art of Rafater.

In 2014 he was awarded the Expomanga prize for the best Spanish illustrator.

His portfolio includes clients like Games Workshop, Applibot or Ballistic Publishing, and is specialised in so different fields like concept art, Matte Painting, photography editing, 3D textures, story board or composing music for films and videogames.

He has also collaborated with Ediciones Babylon in the creation of many illustrations.

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