He was born in Logroño and moved to Madrid. He won in 2007 the IX Odisea Award of literature with Desde aquí hasta tu ventana. He is also the author of the works El cuaderno de Bruno (2006), Selección (2008), Cuando acabe el verano (2009), El chico del gorro rojo (2011) and Cartas a un soñador (2013).

He has also written the horror novels Matar a un vampiro (2011, published by Ediciones Babylon) and Zementerio (2015).

He is the director and editor of Ultratumba, a monthly digital magazine in which the readers can find horror stories, interviews, news report and photography. Moreover, he has also tried the short films directing the trilogy Terror Drag (2006-2007) and other short films like La viuda. He has done several photography exhibitions in Madrid, Zaragoza and Logroño. 

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