As far as he remembers, he has needed to develop his tendency for drawing. This was strengthened with the arrival of illustration and comic into his life, being Akira, among others, a clear model for him. He devoted to comic for some time, doing several personal projects that remain unfinished due to his lack of continuity. Curiosity moved him to experiment with several techniques enjoying in the same way doing a 2-metre oil painting or a pen drawing in a notebook page.

When he finished secondary school in the Balearic Island he moved to Barcelona to study Fine Arts. Since then, his artistic experience has been divided between concept art, animation, portrait or illustration for fashion.

His personal work is marked by what is attractive for him, like Asia and other exotic places, little animals and the world of horror in general (films, books and dark music).
All this was reflected in his illustration book Rara Avis. Some years after, his style has been evolving towards a more vivid use of colour, still preserving his peculiar darkness. This change can already be noticed in the Japanese folk story he illustrated (El leñador y la reina de los zorros) and is also present in his second book Penumbre.

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