LEANDRO PINTO (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983)

Leandro, born in Argentina and living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is self-taught and a tireless searcher of the dark and sinister corners of human mind. He writes constantly and without rest looking for new stories, ploughing through the vast territory of psychological horror. He studies the perverse behaviour of human being and finds in Faulkner, Lovecraft and Poe his most direct influences.

He is the author of the works Orlando Brown (Begin Book), Remanso de paz (Anroart), Veneno de escorpión (Ediciones Babylon), Consejera nocturna (Mercurio Editorial), Pandemonio (Mercurio Editorial), Un puñado de sombras (Mercurio Editorial) and Grietas en el tejado, demencia I (Mercurio editorial).

He types all his works in the old fashioned way, with his inseparable typewriter and doesn’t put them into a text processor in the PC until he is satisfied with the last word.

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