With the firm conviction of innovating towards new future technologies, and to launch in the Spanish market quality original works created by Spanish speaking authors and artists, emerged in the midst of 2010 Ediciones Babylon.

In Ediciones Babylon we believe in authors and readers. We believe in the work done with respect and dedication, the online distribution of our publications and digital media. Nowadays, we have in our catalog several novels and comics on paper, but also in eBook, because we believe that the electronic book is not the future but the present.

We also believe in the talent of Spanish illustrators; many of whom have relied on the possibilities of the Internet to publicize their work. Ediciones Babylon through the portal MisPosters, now offers the public an opportunity to enjoy the works of these artists in a high quality format. We also want that our fresh and original designs, made by Spanish-speaking authors, will be a second skin for all those that want to show them off in high quality T-shirts, available in Colosingo webstore. Both MisPosters and Colosingo are publishing divisions of Ediciones Babylon.

Therefore we invite you to meet our authors and their works and our philosophy: behind every story, whether book, comic or illustration, we want a satisfied customer. Or what is the same: dedication, care and personal attention to detail throughout the process of publication of the work until it reaches the receiver, from beginning to end.

In Ediciones Babylon we bet on you.

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