Anastassia Espinel Souares (Cherepovéts, Rusia, 1970)

Anastassia is a historian and specialist in university teaching, and currently works in two Colombian universities. Her passion for History brought her to visit many countries and go beyond the strict frames of scientific research, choosing the historical narrative, where facts and real characters mingle with fantasy.
She is also author of several published works, like Auca sin nombre (Magisterio publishing), El hombre de las flores, Catalina II la gran leyenda de Rusia, Leyendas rusas del amor (published by e. Panamericana), La Montaña de la Diosa Luna y Me juego la vida (Educar publishing company).

Likewise, she was awarded with the National award of short story in the Universidad Central in Colombia 2012 with Velox, el perro legionario.

With Ediciones Babylon she has published the novel with historical touch Publio en el país de las cataratas.

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