ÁNGEL COMPANY (Valencia, 1981)

Ángel was born in the eighties and he loves it. He was born attached to a book and since then they have been an inseparable couple. He studied in the educational plans of the EGB, BUP and COU, and obtained the degree in English Philology and specialised in English teaching and translation, which develops intensely nowadays. He has translated more than 20 books with so different topics like history, geography, heritage, artbooks, Japanese folklore stories or the comics Fairy Quest 1 and 2 and Bushido, la senda del guerrero.

His first published work was the poetry book Mikrokosmos (2010) and since then he has not stopped writing short stories, flash fiction, essays and poems, which have been awarded and published in several anthologies. He has also tried the world of cinema directing and writing the screenplay for the short film Càncer d’amor. With Diario de un opositor en paro he started in the genre of the fictional journals with underground touch. After two years presenting it and three editions of the work, he is currently preparing his next work focused on noir fiction. He is also co-organiser of the festival of cinema and noir fiction ‘Ontinyent Negra’ in Ontinyent (Valencia).

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