XIAN NU STUDIO. Irene and Laura (Granada, 1984)

In a sad and dark 2007 Felwyn and Pukalince appeared to light. With the name of Xian Nu Studio, they announced that they came to stay. Nobody knew where they came from, but they started to fill the world with cartoon strips in all the cities: Winter Demon, Divided (YaoiPress - USA), All In, Morsures (Humanöides Associes, Kantik - Francia), Kanji en Viñetas 3 (Norma Editorial - España). They provided life to adaptations based on fantasy novels like Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales and Vampire Kisses: Graveyard Games (Tokyopop & Harper Collins USA) and to video games like Corazón de Melón (Akileos - Francia). They opened the heart of the inscrutable Japanese in the international contest Silent Manga with Come back with me.
They established their headquarters to conquer the world in Spain, launching their attacks with Bakemono (Glenat/EDT) Eres mi #OtakuFreak Love (Ediciones Babylon), Sketchbook Xian Nu Studio (Fandogamia).
Currently, the world is a bit better as they keep spreading happiness with booklets with their work Chan Prin for Ediciones Babylon, with also an upcoming video game.

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