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De amor y guerra, antología de relatos

BOOK · 18 love short stories in times of death.


Available only in Spanish.


Collection of short stories donating the benefits for the charity Fundación FIVAN.

War and Love are inherent to human being, as much as inherent is the duality in its own condition of human being: there’s no Good without Evil, nor Soul without Body; nor Love without Hate nor Death without Life. All the edges get richer and generate the conflicts with which the authors of this collection weave –like Penelope- a mantle of different and mixed passions that build up this special dichotomy. Thus are these eighteen brilliant stories born and expressed –like a start and an end.

Going deeper in the world of Relatos de amor y guerra is like a trip in that fork that adds prose and verse, affliction and hilarity, novel writers with experienced authors, storytellers and poets from ancient and new continent… Literature dancing around a strong female presence sliding among the hidden corners of love and war like a nymph; sometimes the winner, others, defeated.

Nothing ends fused in black or white in this collection. The story doesn’t only belong to Eros or Mars, because, just like these creators whisper, it is in the chiaroscuros in life where vitality and beauty reign.


Enrique Huertas: Prólogo

Marta Querol: El intruso

Vicente Marco: Héroes de guerras perdidas

Margarita Quesada: Al fin ella

Alejandro Mohorte: Sucesos de doña Inés de Rojas en la campaña de Nördlingen

Marina Lomar: El retrato de Emelyne

Raúl Borras San León: Cantando bajo la lluvia de plomo

Eva María Marcos: El llanto de la guagua

Josep Asensi: Último mensaje

Txema Gil: A punto de acabar

María Vicenta Porcar: La tormenta de hierro

Enrique Huertas: Amor y adieu

Alicia García-Herrera: Wólfram

Javier Lacomba: La última diosa

Sharon Smith: ¿Por qué yo?

Yolanda León: Los bastardos de Bastogne

Isabel Barceló Chico: Dignidad

Pilar Verdú: Tormenta

Amparo Andrés Machí: El soldado amante

AuthorEdiciones Babylon. Varios autores.
GenereRomance, short story
BindingPaperback with flaps
Number of pages278
AgeOver 16 years old
Width15,5 cm
Height23,5 cm
Depth1,6 cm
Production days0
Angel 01/22/2018

Me ha encantado este libro. Grandes autores en historias breves pero intensas. Muy recomendable.

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    De amor y guerra, antología de relatos

    De amor y guerra, antología de relatos

    BOOK · 18 love short stories in times of death.


    Available only in Spanish.

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