Mala Estrella. The First Station


After years of conflict and war, which reduced the population of Earth to just a handful of people in a destroyed and hopeless world, humanity expects the appearance of God to enter the path to be followed to succeed. Meanwhile, the Body Balance (a militar corporation) ensures the safety of the survivors, fighting hard against crime.

Axel, a young man of 22, enlisted in the Body Balance, although not by choice, but to please the father of his girlfriend so he can marry her. However, when he goes to the initiation ceremony, things do not go as he expected.

He is involved in an assassination attempt and subsequent slaughter that will change his life, meeting Mala Estrella, a ruthless killer with terrifying and deadly aspect who would not hesitate a moment to kill him.

Although things are not always as they look like...

God is dead! Blood, chaos and hope in a vibrant comic.







Mala Estrella was awarded the Prize to the Best Manga by a Spanish author 2012, by Ficomic.

AuthorHenar Torinos
BindingPaperback with flaps
Number of pages192
CollectionManga occidental
AgeOver 16 years old
Width12 cm
Height17 cm
Depth1,2 cm
Production days0
ularob 02/03/2016

Simplemente genial. Desde su compra hasta lo mejor, el manga. Gracias

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Alba R 05/11/2015

Mala Estrella me llegó en un momento en el que empezaba a descubrir el manga y me pareció muy distinto a todo lo que había leído. Le tengo un cariño especial a esta historia.

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Rosa 11/30/2013

Una excelente obra, dibujo muy bueno y cuidado, personajes bien definidos y una historia que engancha; sin embargo la duración me parece escasa, el argumento da para más volúmenes, me hubiera gustado disfrutar durante mas tiempo de la historia... Aun así, excelente.

    Anaclara González Hinojal 10/04/2013

    Me ha gustado mucho Mala Estrella, parece que tiene una trama para largo o eso espero :3, porque me ha dejado enganchadísima, enhorabuena a la autora ;)

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      Mala Estrella. The First Station

      Mala Estrella. The First Station

      COMIC · This comic won the Best Spanish Manga 2012 Award, by Ficomic.

      Available only in Spanish.

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